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About us

The Bru·X·elles Festival is an actual music showcases festival made by and for FINTA* people.

This new feminist and eco-responsible concept is an initiative of Beats'n'Roots developped in collaboration with Vaartkapoen (VK)

Its main objective is to highlight FINTA* people in the music industry. Too often forgotten or set aside, the goal is to give them more visibility.


The festival focuses primarily on professionals in the music sector

who share our values and who are interested in exploring them.

Four values guide the entire operation of the festival,

all based in the music sector :


- Giving visibility to FINTA* people

- Raising awareness on gender-based violence

- Raising awareness on eco-responsibility

- Highlighting collaborations between the language communities 

*FINTA = Fæmme, Intersex, Non-binary, Trans, Agender, …


L'Abeille Blanche



Quai de Mariemont 57
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
Bruxelles - Belgium
Contact :

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More than just an event, it is a way to raise awareness among the public and the music sector about these inequalities and this lack of visibility that some artists face on a daily basis.


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A lot of surprises are coming !

Can't wait to see you.

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