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12:45-13:45 : Lunch pro "Slow meeting"

14:00-17:00 : Workshop "Copyright and neighbouring rights"

14:00-17:00 : Workshop "Questioning one's role in gender equality"

14:00-17:20 : Feminist bike ride "Discovering a city with a plural and feminist history"

17:00-19:00 : Drink pro

19:30-01:00 : showcases

Lunch "Slow Meeting"

"A privileged moment of encounter between programmers and FINTA artists" 


We bring together profiles with common interests. The concept of slow meeting that we develop aims to connect artists and their works with the professional world. We invite 4 programmers to share a convivial moment with 16 professionals or artists around a meal prepared with love and passion by a team of women committed to a more sustainable world.


Time: 12:45-13:45

Place: La Kantine du Canal

Artists Workshop

"Copyright and related rights" led by Sébastien Bours & Thomas Vanlishout

Copyright and neighbouring rights are essential notions to evolve and become professional in your musical project. During this workshop, we will decipher what these rights are and what differentiates them and how to generate new sources of income thanks to them. What are the missions of these structures? How do they manage their members' rights? How to protect one's creations? What financial assistance is available? All the answers to your questions as a performer or creator are here!

Thomas Vanlishout (Sabam)

Active in the Member Relations Department of Sabam (Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers).

Adviser to Sabam members and their entourage on copyright management and financial aid offered by Sabam For Culture. Representative of Sabam within the Belgian French-speaking music sector.

Sébastien Bours (Playright)

Sébastien Bours has a degree in law, marketing and communication, and is very passionate about music. After having advised many artists in the development of their careers within the APMC, he also worked with them in the event industry for several years. He joined PlayRight in 2020 as Head of Communication and Cultural Affairs to lead the socio-cultural, political and educational actions of the performing artists' neighbouring rights collective management society. Through his work, he aims to support, inform and defend artists and the cultural sector in general.

Time: 14:00-17:00

Venue: L'Abeille Blanche

Workshop "Gender Violence"

"Questioning one's role in gender equality" led by Jean-Michel Aubry Journet 

We propose to artists and professionals to contribute to the conception of a tool to encourage concrete changes in attitudes. You will have the opportunity to exchange freely on global and individual issues, from "ordinary" sexism to cases of violence that are close to you, to evaluate your role in gender equality and to define together actions to be taken for a visible impact. 

JM Journet.jpg

Jean-Michel Aubry Journet

Jean-Michel runs WOOKAÏ, a structure that has been supporting self-produced artists since 2015 (management, publishing, artistic direction) and is currently collaborating with the Venezuelan queer artist YADAM.

He is also the co-founder of the #MusicTooFrance collective created in 2020 to denounce sexist and sexual violence in the music industry.

For the Centre National de la Musique, he has developed practical sheets on reducing the risks of SGBV and also sits on the bodies relating to gender equality (project support commission, strategic committee).

© Hector Abela

Time: 12:45-13:45

Venue: L'Abeille Blanche

Feminist bike ride

"Brussel, a plural and feminist history" led by L'Architecture Qui Dégenre

L'Architecture Qui Dégenre has designed a feminist tour of the city of Brussels to help you discover a city with a plural and feminist history. The aim of this walk is to make visible the women and places that have marked the history of the city of Brussels and/or played an important role for women.

Time: 14:00-17:00 (French speaking group)

Time: 14:20-17:20 (Dutch speaking group)

Departure place: Vaartkapoen

Drink pro

"Let's meet and have a drink!" 

A moment of discussion over a drink and some artistic surprises! 

Time: 17:00-19:00 

Place : L'Abeille Blanche

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