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Line-up will be announce in May!

Past line-up 23.03.2023

BXL 23.03 - Lineup.png

Acte Bonté is the sororal synth-vocal duo of Rebecca and Fiona Brunet, formed in 2017 in Brussels. Strangely as pop as expé, as melancholic as melodic, their bittersweet songs, whispered in French, English and Japanese, hide their lyrics behind a top-notch vocoder, where flickering traces of a haunting lyricism emerge. From one ritornello to another, their compositions of the end of the night, collected on their first self-titled album to be released on the Midi Fish label in 2020, make us dream of a fairy tale for another time.

They are currently finalising their second album, to be released in 2023.

Instagram / Live video / Soundcloud

Likened to her contemporaries in the scene such as 070 Shake and Coi Leray, SPACE BABY MADCHA (SBM) is among the most unique in the actual Belgian rap scene. Fierce, Energy and Passion. Heavy 808’s, and catchy melodic vocals and bars represent SBM. 

Xe has been featured in a Washington based magazine called Dillema Magazine, radio station The Pit London and opportunities to perform multiple times abroad such as in London, Amsterdam and her own headline show in Belgium for Lait de Coco. 


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BXL 23.03 - Lineup - Visual SBM - ©Vicky Lory Quinonez.jpg


Ão its South American guitar sounds, an ambient universe of pedals and cassettes, groovy percussion and conjuring vocal lines in Portuguese and English. Their first, self-titled EP was released in late 2020 with music written and recorded, among other things, in lockdown as musical pen pals 2,000 km apart. Live, they weave their southern traditional sounds, rhythms and saudade with a poppy-ambient dimension of electronic effects, voice transformers and beats. The meaning of "Ão" depends on how you pronounce it: [??w?]. It is something painful, something beautiful, something sad, an expression of wonder or just total nonsense. Charming like a beautiful insect trapped in amber, radiantly hot. Winner SoundTrack 2022 / Flemish Brabant

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A regular on the Brussels and Liege LGBTQ+ scene, Laura or L4U has quickly made a name for herself with her energetic sets full of nostalgia for the 2000s. From Old School RnB to Baile Funk, Reggaeton, UKGarage, Hip-Hop or French Rap, L4U is not afraid to mix styles for eclectic sets that always ignite the dancefloor!


When she is not behind the decks, she is also the founder and promoter of Who's That Girl, a hip-hop party with a 100% FINTA line-up, and is co-founder and member of the Liège collective TransPédéGouines.

Facebook / Instagram / Mixcloud

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BXL 23.03 - visu - Gaïsha.jpg

Gaïsha is the band around Belgian-Moroccan singer Aïcha Haskal. Together with (ex-)members of Absynthe Minded, Sylvie Kreusch, De Beren Gieren and Va Fan Fahre, she brings oriental groove with psychedelic sounds. The diverse background of the band members results in a brilliant melting pot of styles, ranging from cabaret over spaghetti westerns to oriental elements. Their latest single 'Ana Aïcha' is a protest song around gender inequality. Aïcha, literally translated as 'freedom', pays tribute to her name with this song where she fights for women's rights. With its mesmerising vocal line and uplifting groove, the track has already made it to the public broadcasting channels of Switzerland and Slovakia. Their first single 'Ghalat' - still on Radio 1's playlist and recently played on major Japanese radio station J-Wave - also received rave reviews. Gaïsha's debut album will be released on Friday 24 March.

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She The DJ is a refreshing newcomer from the underground music scene. Her love for music comes from a wide range of influences that can be found in her sets. She effortlessly glues funky house, Uk garage, footwork music and all kinds of broken beat together.

Every month you can find her on We Are Various with her own show "Blisfull Beats".


Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud / Mixcloud

BXL 23.03 - Lineup - She The Dj - Othello De Sutter.jpg

The sound of TUVALU is said to make seeds sprout faster, greedy people’s sweat smell bad, and helps with baby bird's digestion. Served with a strong Belgian beer.

Snippets of everyday occurrences and oniric visions are sung through a blend of post punk and psyche-pop. Swings of keyboard mixed in with references of perky older times guitar riffs will sometimes halt with disastrous accidents of wailing drumming rage, but nonetheless falling all too sweetly back into crowd-pleaser pop.

TUVALU is Charlotte (Moss Lime), Emy de Nardi (She Said Destroy) and Bárbara C. Branco (PEGA).

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APOTEK is the electronic alter ego of Elisa Di Riccio, an Italian born, Brussels based keyboardist and producer. She has developed her own sound over the years whilst studying music production and working on her skills as musician and singer. She has recently released her first solo album Unknown Territories which has had support from Tom Ravenscoft and Shaun Keaveny’s BBC radio 6 Music and many others. Recorded during the lonely winter months of 2020, Unknown Territories is a stream of consciousness, a journey from dark and moody electro-pop songs to ethereal ambient tracks made from repetitive patterns and atmospheric beats. APOTEK performs as a solo artist. Her live set is a beguiling mix of emotive vocals, ambient landscapes and otherworldly calls to the dancefloor.


Facebook / Instagram / Live video / Video clip / website

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