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Artistic performances
From 6 to 7:35 pm

Punk with flowers, elegant with power, delicate with destruction, ANGÈLE VIRAGO is an energetic paradox. Sensuality as an art of living, she alternates slapping with a velvet hand and caressing with an iron glove. With emotion in her gut and rage in her throat, her pleasure is your pleasure. Founder of the Brussels Art Pole, a centre for dance, expression and sex-positive space. Cabaret, erotic and fetish artist.

For our event, she presents 2 performances : 


This issue is about the many injunctions we are forced to follow in a rather pernicious way. To be feminine, to be sociable, to be normal (heterosexuality, politeness, compromise, care for others, be measured). And when you display a feminist, the injunction to be strong, powerful, consistent. Generally speaking, not to express anger.

(dance & theater)
Angèle Virago ©Christian Laloux_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png
Scheldule : 6 to 6:15 pm

I am not Venus

It's an intimate number where Angèle dances to the sound of her voice telling the story of her coming out and why she didn't do it until she was 32, exposing what she has always hidden.

(pole dance)
Scheldule : 7:20 to 7:35 pm
Ada pour le moment © Ada_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png

ADA POUR LE MOMENT is a talented comedian, but she wishes she had not had to perform. It is the prejudices of the patriarchy towards minorities, especially with the LGBTIA+ communities, that push her to use humour to denounce the hypocrisy and clichés conveyed within the whole society by this oppressive structure. Facing a world that persists in its stereotypes and harmful behaviours, Ada has chosen to fight for the right to dignity with off-beatness and bite by sharing her personal story with honesty and emotion. Her eponymous show is a bold response to the challenges facing minorities today, offering a singular experience of laughter, reflection and feeling, and revealing an authentic and committed view of a world that forces her into artistic expression.

Ada pour le moment 

Far from being a simple comedy show, Ada Pour Le Moment's show is a funny and profound experience that will make you laugh, think and maybe even move you. So, if you want to discover an authentic and committed universe, don't miss her presentation that breaks the rules. Laughter, emotion and reflection are on the table for a unique performance full of surprises! And who knows, maybe you too will end up preferring tyrannosaurs to labels.

(slam - humor)
Scheldule : 6:30 to 6:55 pm
From 8 to 10:50 pm

AZIZA is the eponymous project of the singer/bass player. It's infused with various influences from Aziza’s mixed roots and past. We travel from traditional african vocals to soul music and more. She plays with repetitive vocals, simple basslines and her singing. 


Aziza invites you into a very intimistic moment and soulful sonorities. She plays with her loopstation, vocals and her bass.

Scheldule : 8 to 8:30 pm
Aziza © Maël G. Lagadec_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png
Bobbi Lu © PJ-Blondeel_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png

BOBBI LU is the moniker of 27-year-old Lucy Ryan, who likes to crash the piano with deep bass synths and detuned autotune. Influences range from FKA Twigs to Grimes and Radiohead and Caroline Polachek. Originally from Abingdon, Oxfordshire (where, as it happens, Radiohead formed back in 1985) in England, Ryan moved to Bruges a couple of years ago. She started writing and playing her own songs, an intriguing combination of piano, delightfully dark electronica and clever punchlines. As Bobbi Lu, Ryan’s only done a handful of gigs so far, but she’s already made an impression with her powerful performance. Her third show ever was at the Sound Track contest for upcoming talents last December, where she came out a winner, following in the footsteps of, a.o., fellow label artist Meskerem Mees. Keep an eye out for Bobbi Lu, she won’t be sitting around doing nothing in the months to come. She’s writing lots of new music and will be touring extensively, including support slots for Sylvie Kreusch, Eefje De Visser and The Haunted Youth, both in Belgium and abroad.

Scheldule : 9 to 9:40 pm

MIA LENA, Marie of her real name, is a Brussels singer with a pop soul voice. The young outspoken and endless energy woman likes to talk openly and without taboos about her daily life. Between electronic sounds and pop-experimental productions, Mia proposes a sound universe close to her personality: eclectic, chaotic, but organized. Divided between these influences of her childhood: Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Mia sings from her guts. Her texts, more sensitive and honest, reflect her evolution from a young girl to a young woman who assumes and places herself in her emotions in a transparent way. The beginning of 2023 marks the start of a new musical direction, from now on, it is in French that Mia expresses herself. A first song is planned for February 2023. An EP is planned for September 2023.

Mia Lena ©Théo Dubois_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png
Scheldule : 10:10 to 10:50 pm
Dj sets
From 11 pm to 1 am
Abena © Jingwen_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png

DJ ABENA has been playing in Europe since 2016, namely Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and also in Ghana. DJ Abena is well known at festivals, clubs, public, private events, weddings and radios. DJ Abena plays Afro, Dancehall & Urban. Very exceptional about DJ Abena is that she adapts to the type of event and audience. She feels the audience because of course music is a universal language. In 2019, DJ Abena was included in the official list of the top 100 DJs in Belgium by Red bull Elektropedia. In 2022, DJ Abena won Best International DJ by Ghana DJ Awards.

Scheldule : 11 to 12 pm

MELISSA JUICE is a Brussels-based dancefloor demon and (hyper)active member of the city's queer & selector scenes. She is a resident at Missfitte, a collective hosting care-focused, queer-forward underground events with women and non-binary folks at the core. She is also the host of two radio shows, Double Double and HEAVY FLOW, two radio shows on Radio Vacarme that promote women and queer artists in various scenes across the globe. Mixing everything from sunny aperos to squat raves, her sets are fluid, versatile and unapologetic. Always gay as in happy, always queer as in "fuck you".

Melissa Juice_BXLF_FDLM_23.06.2023.png
Scheldule : 12 pm to 1 am
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